Rise on 9th For Parents

At Rise on 9th we offer the best of both worlds—student living that combines the community feeling and security features of a residence hall with the privacy and flexibility of an off-campus apartment. Your student will fall in love with the luxurious accommodations and up-scale amenities. You will appreciate the professional management team and on-site staff who will be taking care of your student when you can’t.

A Parent's Peace of Mind

The safety and well-being of your student is our top priority. We are laser-focused on each resident’s well-being from the moment they step foot in our beautiful Columbia apartment building. Our highly-trained staff provides support and assistance that is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Our residents are also protected by a responsive maintenance team, a state-of-the-art keycard access system, and a collection of digital security cameras mounted throughout the common areas. These security features mean your student can focus on what matters and you can maintain peace of mind.

A Student's Dream Location

Rise on 9th is located in the heart of downtown Columbia, just steps from the edge of Mizzou’s campus. Because of where we’re located, your Missouri Tiger can easily walk to classes and campus activities. Many students also choose to ride their bicycles to campus. Rise on 9th provides a secure bike storage room that residents can take advantage of.

For those that make the choice to bring their cars to school, we provide an onsite parking garage for our resident’s vehicles. Parking spaces at Rise on 9th are leased on a first-come-first-serve basis, so contact us to ask about a secure place for your Missouri student’s car.

A Team of Dedicated Professionals

Our mission is to serve our residents. You can rest easy knowing that someone will always be available to provide information, support, and service to your student. Our dedicated management staff works alongside student representatives to create an environment where students can grow academically and personally. From offering fun and engaging community activities to maintaining a 24/7 security presence, we have the right people in place to create a truly amazing experience.

Our facility is serviced by a licensed maintenance team that has advanced training and years of experience. We aim to resolve most maintenance requests within 48 hours and free of charge. Residents can easily submit a maintenance request online through the resident portal or by contacting the leasing office during regular office hours. Community assistants are also available to respond to any after-hours maintenance emergencies.

A Simple Application and Leasing System

To make things convenient for our residents and parents, we use a simple system that makes it possible to complete the application and leasing process online. When filling out an application, each resident must pass a background check. If a potential resident does not meet certain requirements, a Guaranty Form with the signature of a guarantor (usually the parent) will be required.

Your student will be signing an individual lease which means that residents are only responsible for his or her own rental payment. The online leasing process makes it easy and convenient to make payments towards the rent, especially if you live outside of the Columbia, MO area. By designing the leasing process this way, we promote a safe and responsible community for residents, their families and their guests.

Units for the coming school year are filling quickly, so contact us to learn more about how your student can become our newest Rise on 9th resident.

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